We have created a proposal of dishes inspired by the Neapolitan tradition


Seafood salad (octopus, mussels, cuttlefish, prawns) with fennel and lemon

Carpaccio Beef salad with sprouts and lemon reduction

Millefeuille of Caprese Salad

Eggplant's Parmigiana Rolls

Vegetable Sour Caponata with Frisella Bread

Cuttlefish "tagliatelle" with Fennels and oranges

Cetara's Anchovies in "Carpione" (Typical sour seasoning)

Spheres of Cod and Potatoes with Roasted Pepper Sauce

Baby Octopus at Luciana's way


Paccheri with Neapolitan's Ragout

Scialatielli with courgette flowers, yellow datterino tomatoes and crispy bacon

Gnocchi with courgette's Pesto, Lemons and Crispy Bread

Gnocchi at Sorrentina's Style

Rigatoni with vegetable's Ragout and Hazelnuts

Spaghetti at Nerano's Tradition

Paccheri with swordfish; yellow tomatoes and Lemon essence

Mezzo Pacchero with codfish, Olives and cherry tomatoes (puttanesca)

Trofie with Basil's Pesto and Amberjack fish

Scialatielli with Local Shellfish sauce

Ravioli variegated filled with grouper, with semi-dried tomatoes and basil


Beef's Tagliata with, Rocket salad, Parmesan Cheese and balsamic vinegar

Veal's Roll with local essence bread and white wine sauce

Vegetarian Millefeulle with Besciamella and Basil

Borage Parmigiana

Seabass Turbant with neapolitan escarole and smoked mozzarella's Fondue

Tuna Tagliata with lemon's reduction and Petals of local Provolone

Slice of Salmon with Fresh Salad

fillet steak of Sea Bream in Courgette Mantle with Vegetable Caponata

Local Fried Fishes ( anchovies, calamari, Shrimps, daily catched)


Chocolate Caprese cake with Vanilla ice-cream

Lemon's Caprese with White Chocolate

Cheesecake on Glass ( Chocolate, Caramel, Berries or Lemon)

Tiramisù of the tradition

Amalfitan's Tiramisù (lemon)

Lemon's Delizia

Tartlet filled with cream and fresh fruit

Traditional Babà with Pastry cream and Cherryes

Tasting of local Sfogliatelle ( two types)

I nostri Pacchetti


  • 3 Courses selected from the menùs
  • Groceries
  • Chef and assistant
  • Clean-up of kitchen and crockerys
  • Transport

Tasting Menù

  • Tasting from menùs
  • 4 Starters
  • 1 Pasta, 1 Main, 1 Dessert
  • Groceries
  • Chef and assistant
  • Clean-up of kitchen and crockerys
  • Transport


  • 4 Courses selected from the menù
  • Groceries
  • Chef and assistant
  • Clean-up of kitchen and crockerys
  • Transport


  • A proposal created by Chef